Dog Food: What is the best choice for my dog?

Dog Food: What is the best choice for my dog?

Last week we talked about Pure Vita dog food, it’s history, ingredients, and overall benefits of using an organic holistic dog food compared to regular dry pet food. So, this week we are going to keep walking down that same path, but back up a little. I mentioned last week that Pure Vita is produced by NutriSource, a branch of Tuffy’s Dog Food Company, and is featured as their holistic line of pet food for pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs. NutriSource covers a far larger scope than just holistic food, however.

Tuffy’s, as you know, was founded in 1947 as a family pet food business and has grown over the years into a large and diverse company providing dog foods and pet treats to families from all walks of life. Branching out in 1986 Tuffy’s created the line of pet food we will talk about today beginning with NutriSource Super Premium Pet Food.  They understood, even back then the importance of feeding your pet a well-balanced and healthy diet made from real food rather than chemicals and processed bi-products, which is why they have been able to successfully expand even farther into the pet food industry

So what is it that makes NutriSource such a great choice for your pet? Offering organic dog food, dry food, canned food, and even grain-free options are just a few of the many selections available. All of their natural dog food choices are made from the highest rated ingredients, vitamins, and minerals and each variation adheres to the company’s Good 4 Life System, which promotes healthy digestion, skin, and immune systems. Using formulated blends of protein and vegetable, each selection is balanced specifically for canine digestion and aids in the absorption of the added necessary vitamins and minerals. According to their website NutriSource is: “…highly digestible for maximum nutrient absorption and each formula is nutritionally complete so more of the concentrated nutrition is retained by your dog.” Building a healthier pup with every meal.

Beyond just the nutritional value of the food, NutriSource offers choices ranging from puppy to senior, small breed to large breed, and performance formula making it impossible to not find the perfect natural pet food blend for your dog. You can’t find much better unless you create your own homemade dog food blend, and if you are concerned about the high grain content you see find in some dog foods, NutriSource offers a whole line specifically geared toward a grain-free diet, and carries a consistently high dog food rating when looking for quality and nutrition.

NutriSource’s commitment to your pet is clear as day when you look at the trail of never-ending improvements they have made over the last 50+ years, but it doesn’t stop there. By implementing a stringent recycling system and working with local and national Humane Societies, they have committed themselves to not only improving the plight of less fortunate animals, but also to helping preserve our planet for future generations. We are proud carriers of their products in our facility and if you are looking to change foods or need recommendations on what food will work best for your pup call us or come on down to Dog Dynasty where we can walk you through choosing the right items for your pets, specialty ordering specific flavors, or providing tips on dog treats, toys, and bedding.  If you found this installment of our dog food blog helpful, remember to subscribe! You can always follow us on facebook and twitter; we love new friends!


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